YAK Grills Outdoor charcoal hibachi grill
YAK Grills Outdoor charcoal hibachi grill
YAK Grills Outdoor charcoal hibachi grill
YAK Grills Outdoor charcoal hibachi grill
YAK Grills Outdoor charcoal hibachi grill
YAK Grills Outdoor charcoal hibachi grill
YAK Grills Outdoor charcoal hibachi grill backyard grill out family or date night

YAK Outdoor Charcoal Hibachi Grill

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Gather around the grill for great food and memories. Designed to inspire social and interactive grilling, the YAK grill is versatile, portable, tabletop safe, and built to last using 100% stainless steel. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and grills at up to 750ºF. The 15”x7” stainless grilling grate serves up 105 sq. inches of cooking area, enough 4 burgers, 12 hot dogs, 2 steaks, or 9 large skewers. Outdoor use only.

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  • Grilling Area: 15" x 7" (40cm x 17cm)
  • Grill Grate: 304 Stainless Steel (4mm wire)
  • Fuel Source: Charcoal
  • Max. Operating Temp: 750ºF (400ºC)
  • Body Material: 430 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 18"W x 7.5"D x 5.8"H
  • Product Weight: 15.2 lbs (6.89 kg)
  • Warranty: 5 Years Grill / 1 Year Grate
  • Model/SKU: S400/YG-S400 
  • Includes: Case, Grate Handle, Goods Times 

Tabletop Safe

Engineered to keep any surface safe and cool while grilling at over 700ºF.

No Assembly

Start grilling in minutes as our grills are pre-assembled and ready to go.

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel wipes clean, is dishwasher safe and always look great.


Pick up the biggest bag of charcoal you can find because you'll be grilling a lot on the YAK grill.

Combines great charcoal flavor and high heat with the social aspect that makes cooking fun.


Charcoal – A Grill’s Best Friend. Beyond heat, charcoal adds flavor to whatever you put in the grill. Our ancestors got it right when they chose to cook over hot coals. Today, charcoal remains the single best method for grilling to perfection.
Effortless Charcoal Grilling

Grilling with charcoal doesn't have to be intimidating. With a hands-free airflow design and a just-right footprint, you'll have fun and flavor with charcoal grillouts.


While searching for the ultimate tabletop charcoal grill, we quickly realized that we had to make our own.

Table? It's cool

A smart airflow design was engineered for a balance between superb heat and long burn-time, all the while keeping tabletops cool safe.

A Grill of Steel

Built to craftsman precision using 100% stainless steel so you know it will perform and look great for years. Backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

Grill Your Way

Grill more often with more variety with our unique grill grate options or go skewer-only thanks to notches built right into the housing.

Date Night
But Hotter

Grill Together. Be Together. Eat together. Gone are the days when watching the grill meant separating yourself from the action. From grill-togethers to intimate dinners, we help the whole party get in on the grill out, so no one is left behind.

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
First time using it

It was great, afraid of may not have sufficient airflow but turns out acceptable. Be aware- The feet will scratch wood based dinning table.


Super great! High quality, very sturdy.

This grill is far better than what I anticipated

From the moment I picked up the box this grill came I knew right away that this was not some flimsy sheet metal grill. This grill is heavy due to it's thick gauge stainless steel construction. Because of how it is designed and constructed this grill will serve me well for many years to come. Also ,since all is constructed with stainless steel it should be easy to keep clean.

My first grilling experience with the grill was a true pleasure. For two of use I was able to grill meat skewers on one half and some veggies on the other half.
The heat was consistent and even. Using quality Thaan Charcoal the coals lasted much longer than was needed, The ventilation was perfect and the coals burned evenly. After grilling I found that clean-up was quick and easy.

Yak Attack!!!

Great grill….so great I bought 3!!

Best small grill for yakitori

Amazing grill for yakitori and grilling in general. High quality and very well made and machined stainless steel. Minimal heat transfer to the base makes it a safe grill to use on tabletops. Just the right size for thaan charcoal and yakitori grilling!