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YAK Rods

The true Yakitori experience can’t be appreciated without the rods… A must have item...

Grew up in Hawaii

This grill has brought a small slice of the Hibachi Yakatori tradition to East Coast VT. Thoroughly enjoyed the grill and accessories. Great product

Master luv Yak

I luv this grille! I’ve become the Mr. Yak-Miyagi of our household and friends for skewered barbecue chicken!!!

Yak Grill

Good value product. Could use some adjustable
vents to allow charcoal to heat up a little quicker

Great Hibachi Grill

Easy to setup and clean. Great for Korean bbq or skewers.

Great for smaller things

This is an excellent optional grill top. We use it for things we don’t skewer. I love our Yak grill.

Loving it

My husband (and his friends) are enjoying this grill so much. Takes a while to get the charcoals heated up but once they’re hot they last for a while. Great quality!

Best Yakitori Grill on the Market!

This is the best yakitori grill on the market and it is very simple to assemble and clean!

Love it

The quality is impeccable and definitely a piece that will look good on your table. Would love it if Yak could make a larger one. Can’t imagine hosting more than 6 people. But happy over all and worth the price.

Mind blowing reusable charcoal

I was kind of leery about this stuff because some people said things like it takes to long to lite. But I bought it anyway and very glad I did. Grilled four times with the same charcoal. If it takes to long to lite, then start sooner..;-)

This little grill is AWESOME!!!

I can not believe I have never had one of these before. This grill is so easy to use, clean, and store. My wife and I have used it four time already and used the same reusable charcoal, mind blown..
I forgot to get skewers, but will be ordering them very soon. Just buy it all. You will nor regret it... Promise

Great charcoal

It's a bit tricky to start at first. But all you need is a chimney starter and you are good to go!

Engaging Family Dinners

I had been looking for a tabletop Yakitori grill for well over a year. Most were too bulky, cheap, or downright ugly. The Yak Grill has an attractive, sleek design. It is easy to light and operate. Better yet, it has created an engaging and social dinnertime activity that keeps my family gathered around the table!

Absolutely recommend if you enjoy grilling

I have a few grills but I am always looking for ways to expand my kabob/yakitori grilling options. The Yak Grill is amazing and I do not use that word lightly. It can go on any table, since the outside is cool to the touch and the clean up is easy. Love the ventilation holes. But, most importantly, what held me back from buying other yakitori grills out there was suspect construction. You will never have to question that with your Yak Grill. It is very solid in hand and obviously made to last. I love it and I plan on adding all the different accessories. Even better, it is a grilling experience that allows those I'm cooking for to watch the process. They love it!

Pricy but worth it

This thing is amazing. As advertised, it burns hot and long. Much more than ordinary lump coal.

A fantastic little grill

A very solid and easy to use grill. Clean up and storage are super quick

Great Coals!

This coals are awesome! They work so well with the Yak Grill.

A true game changer!

There is not a finer, better made grill on the market! The Yak grill will help you become a grill master!

Hard to clean

This is a handsome looking grill that works and looks great. My only complaint is that the grate on top is hard to clean. Considering how fun it is to use it, I still recommend it.

Great evening with family

Awesome evening with the family using the Yak Grill. Even the kids were able to help cook their own kebabs. Zero assembly and ready to use out of the box was a plus.

Excellent Grill

I bought for my husband, who is the BBQ, we have used it almost every night we have had it. We love the size and the flavor of the meats when cooked on the YakGrill. We have been recommending it to all of our family and friends, great purchase!


Love this grill grate. Used it 3 times now and it’s fantastic. The build quality is great. It heats up evenly, feels super durable and washes easily. Love it!


Very impressed. 
I did quite a bit of research looking at Yakatori grills and was thrilled to find this one. Exceptional quality and  built like a Mac truck. First cook I use the Thaan charcoal but next outing I'm gonna try binchotan. Looking forward to trying variety of different foods.

Love this grill!


The grill works as promised