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Great mini charcoal grill- perfect size for use at my balcony’s condo. Very easy to use and clean up..great for skewers! Would be great if it would come with skewers. Ohther wise, Hreat way to cook and super easy to use.

Very thoughtful plastic tip protector

Very well polished stainless steel skewers, with a few of them having a sharp tip that is dangerous if dinners were to put the skewer directly in their mouths.

Great portable grill

My new portable grill. Just rented a treehouse on Airbnb brought it along to do some Korean bbq. Love the ease of it. Everyone loved Just sitting around the grill. Cant wait for tailgating to come back


Yakitori and sake (yak-n-sak) a combination I fell in love with when I lived in Japan. Never mind the season, they always went well together. And now I have them at home! My own yakitoria. The Yak grill cooks great! I have hot yakitori right off the grill with sake chilled, room temp, or heated depending on the season.

It took me two attempts to get a hang of the amount of coal I needed, and to see how the air flows. No different than when I first got my green egg. After all, you need to know your grill.

I definitely do recommend this grill to friends.

Best new grill on the market!

I love this grill. Very well thought out and designed! I would love to see a 3-4ft long commercial model that I could use in my restaurant.

a must have

used it for the first time last week with chicken on bamboo skewers. The skewers tended to rotate around (because of the weight of the meat no being evenly distributed) so the rack came in handy. Afterwards threw it in the dishwasher and it washed clean, along with most of the other pieces.
Love the ease of maintenance.

start early

So I finally put together my Yak grill and did a bunch of Yakatori chicken skewers and they were terrific. My lessons learned, start the charcoal REALLY early, like two hours before you start cooking early. The Thaan charcoal does burn super hot and for along time, but takes quite a while to get to a nice, gray coal consistency. Also, unless you're really cooking a LOT of food, probably 4 chunks of charcoal will be enough. Gives you one really hot half of the grill and a cooler half if things flare up. When it gets a lot warmer in the spring, I'm going to fire this thing up around 1pm and by 3, start cooking. and will be enjoying it over a couple of hours. Also - get some marshmallows...

Solid grill grate!

I received the grate and it is very heavy and solidly constructed. I highly recommend this upgrade to the Hibachi, and in fact, will likely be doing all my grilling on it. Can't wait to use it!

Yak Grill

Really enjoyed the grill, very portable and well made. Good quality stainless steel and accessories are top notch. I did order the bichotoan charcoal and i supplemented it with lump charcoal. Seems to work well together and the heat stayed longer. I will do some other recipe this weekend, i enjoyed grilling on my YAK grill.

Love the little grill

I'm loving this little grill, its going to be super fun when we come into summer and camping. Its makes cooking a quick meal easy, quick and fun.

Versatile charcoal grill

Incredible little unit that packs a punch! We were able to grill for several hours without losing any heat thanks to how amazing Yak works. Just light the charcoal and it is hot very quickly, and you’re ready to grill! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a compact unit that gets the job done as good as a regular size BBQ. Can’t wait to take it camping this summer!

Hot, hot , hot

Once heated, stayed wonderfully hot, without smoking.

Nice Grill

The grill is well made and is a great addition to my charcoal grills. I would recommend this product to anyone who is loocing for a charcoal grill.

Great top

I used this on my yak grill to cook salmon and it came out perfect! Great addition to an already fabulous product.

The very best Hibachi I have ever owned!

I have been cooking with charcoal my entire life. I nearly considered buying a small gas grill for our new travel trailer. All the units had mixed reviews. Then I found this stainless steel Hibachi. Perfect size and exactly what we were looking for. Compact and east to travel around with, but would still give us that great charcoal taste we love. I have not used it yet, but can't wait. I'll send pictures next time we go out camping.

As advertised

First use was on a snowy table on my porch. Not one flake of snow melted. It holds an entire chimney of charcoal which I wasn't sure of at first- but was still enough heat to cook chicken skewers and veg. Very happy with my birthday present to myself. So much easier than pulling the big kettle grill out for a quick grill

First outting- a huge success!

First time yakitori’er and first time using the grill. So far, so VERY good. The YAK grill performed excellently, with no signs of heat transfer on the table underneath. Cooking on the Thaan will take some experience and I found a fan extremely helpful to control flare ups (the yakitori enemy!).

After use the outer shell cleaned up just like new and the inside will likely need elbow grease given it’s had direct contact to coals - no biggy and to be expected.

All said and done this is a great product and the customer service is to be commended also with speed of follow up and commitment to quality.

Top result and I’m more than happy with the purchase so far.

Burns hot

Plan on an hour to start the charcoal. Saw video on YouTube so I was able to plan ahead for the first time I used them. YouTube video shows him double stacking which brings the heat closer to the meat. Fanning also gets the temperature higher.

Great little grill

Perfect for a table top cooking experience with my family. We enjoy different styles of cooking, so this fits right in to our lifestyle.

Solid Grill

My Grill arrived in Late December and due to cold snap here in the Northeast, I haven't had a chance to put the grill to use yet. But I can say that I was impressed with the heft and build quality. I expect this grill will perform and last.

Solid Construction

Perfectly compact grilling kit. Ideal for picnics and camping. Think intimate meals rather than banquets and you can't go wrong. Rock solid construction.

Thaan Charcoal
Long Burning Charcoal

Only used the charcoal once so far, but definitely a new experience vs regular charcoal. Lighting them took longer than expected, but they burned for a long time. Still have some ash but not too bad. Was able to cook all the food and should be able to reuse the charcoal even from what I read.

Great rods

Really nice for skewers, we love cooking Yakitori on these

Beautiful grill!

Very happy with the grill!! Very well build and solid I highly recommend!

The darn thing is well built.

I got my Yak grill largely due to living in Japan for a short while and I miss those mini grill bars. I ordered this as a lark, now I'm happy that I did. This grill is well made. It produces a lot of heat, and it's perfect for socializing with a beer and a skewer. It's perfect for a fun dinner on the deck.