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Love this stuff-

I love this charcoal! It burns clean, has very little ash or spark and gets the job done. Perfect with the Yak grill!

clean burn, low smoke

As advertised. Clean burn, low smoke and together with YAK grill make backyard feel like a yakitori restaurant.

Slow even burn for great controlled grilling

Light it up and let it settle. The heat is even and lasts. I set a hot cook side in my Yak grill and a warm side for staging my cook. The bricks make it easy to manipulate where I want my heat.

Thaan Charcoal (5 lbs)
Georgia Kenney
Clean hot fuel

Perfect for small hibachi grills. Heats fast, stays hot forever and burns clean.

YAK Yakitori Grill Rods

YAK OG Grill Grate
Agnieszka Shanahan

YAK OG Grate

YAK Yakitori Grill Rods
Harold Scissors

YAK Yakitori Grill Rods

It looks good on the table

Reading a review in The NY Times convinced me that this small grill was the perfect solution to satisfy our Condo HOA. We had to give up our Propane grill and the way the review read we could use our new YAK grill indoors. We can’t. Have used it twice OUTDOORS and will probably donate it some unsuspecting recipient.

Thaan Charcoal

Excellent charcoal - high heat and low smoke. One thing to keep in mind it is harder to light. I would recommend the Weber chimney lighter

YAK Hibachi Charcoal Grill
Shelley Santrach
Every thing I expected and hoped for

So fun!

Delicious food and great results

I’ve have been waiting for summer to arrive in New York to use the YAK grill. It was worth the wait! The grill is easy to put together and use. The recipe for the chicken skewers and tare sauce is killer. Everyone had a wonderful time grilling and eating. The YAK grill will be used often with many friends and family groups!

YAK Mesh Grill Grate

Great grill and charcoal

This YAK Grill and Thaan charcoal are perfect for at home dinner! If you’re tired of spending money on expensive date nights, this is the perfect purchase that will keep giving! The charcoal is the perfect fit for the grill and gives the meats a great grill/open fire taste.

First time using it

It was great, afraid of may not have sufficient airflow but turns out acceptable. Be aware- The feet will scratch wood based dinning table.

Works as expected

The grill works greats for Korean bbq and pork belly. There is slight warping due to the high temps.

Yak Rods

Rods we’re delivered quickly, and are as listed. Perfect purchase!

Super great! High quality, very sturdy.

This grill is far better than what I anticipated

From the moment I picked up the box this grill came I knew right away that this was not some flimsy sheet metal grill. This grill is heavy due to it's thick gauge stainless steel construction. Because of how it is designed and constructed this grill will serve me well for many years to come. Also ,since all is constructed with stainless steel it should be easy to keep clean.

My first grilling experience with the grill was a true pleasure. For two of use I was able to grill meat skewers on one half and some veggies on the other half.
The heat was consistent and even. Using quality Thaan Charcoal the coals lasted much longer than was needed, The ventilation was perfect and the coals burned evenly. After grilling I found that clean-up was quick and easy.

Thaan Charcoal (5 lbs)
Ricardo Lopez
Best charcoal I've used

It takes a while to get burning, but once it's on you can grill for a long time! Great flavor to meats, no artificial smells or flavors added to your grilled items

YAK Hibachi Charcoal Grill
Frederick Ricker
Yak Attack!!!

Great grill….so great I bought 3!!

yak grills with binchotan

The depth of the grill is perfect for binchotan to keep even temperature. Bought the two steel bars for Yakitori worked really good. I am happy so far for the experience.

Best small grill for yakitori

Amazing grill for yakitori and grilling in general. High quality and very well made and machined stainless steel. Minimal heat transfer to the base makes it a safe grill to use on tabletops. Just the right size for thaan charcoal and yakitori grilling!

Great grill

Keeps heat for a long time. We were due grilling and the grill was still hot. Coals last a long time.

The Best Yakitori Grill

I have owned a few different yakitori grills and none of them work as well or are as easy to use as this Yak Grill. It is perfectly sized for Thaan charcoal, it's super easy to setup and run, and cleaning is an absolute breeze. Having the notches for the skewers is a really great feature that makes managing and rotating the skewers much easier while you're cooking. It's also nice and compact and easily fits underneath my main grill so it's a really simple process to setup and use and store away when done. I highly recommend this grill for all your yakitori/yakiniku cooking.

YAK Mesh Grill Grate
Craig Griffie
Great for shrimp

Great for small items that might fall through the grate that comes with the grill