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Best purchase

I splurged a little vs a small one I found on Amazon. And it was the best idea! I’ve used it 7/10 days for dinner .

It’s Binchotan!

Exactly what you would expect from this dope type of charcoal.
And YAK Grills delivered on time and at a decent price.
I’ll order again!

Fun for alli

I brought this little grill out to the beach to host a barbecue for my friends and everyone was both wowed by the convenience and excited by the food. The charcoal stayed hot for many hours and we really enjoyed the ease of cleanup as well.

YAK Mesh Grill Grate
Jacqueline Frazier
A must have for no fuss barbeque

I have seen many professionals kitchens use this type of screen and was anxious to try with my Yak Grill. Nothing falls through, easy as pie to barbeque and clean up is not a problem either. Highly recommend.

Awesome grill!

This is a perfect table top grill! We've used it this summer on a number of occasions to entertain guests and it makes for a great evening of food and fun.

Highly recommended!

Great little charcoal grill

While this grill might seem small, it heats up your food quickly and evenly. We have used it camping and tailgating, and are now ordering the silicone handles and flat grill grate. Stores very compactly and is perfect for small gatherings.

Solid Charcoal

One layer in the yak grill foes the job… for hours and hours! I was really surprised that it didn’t pop at all and that such little charcoal was actually really hot! Highly recommend!!

Worth it!

I was skeptical but the yak grill is a QUALITY grill and makes smaller gatherings fun! The option to do yakitori or a grill is great - charcoal dinner has never been easier! I LOVE my yak grill. The only downside is cleaning all the black soot out. The cover stays nice but I’d like to clean out the charcoal box like new.

YAK Carry Case
Matt Lutton
Bit snug if you're using accessories

Fitting extra grates, etc. in here makes it a bit of a snug fit, and I'm not sure how I'll be able to keep the inside too clean when there is ash/charcoal dust that will spill out. But quality is nice and it'll do the trick

Solidly built

Will really do the trick

Little workhorse

Straight out of the box this impressed with build quality. Ease of use and quickly getting up to temp are great pros too. Not sure about longterm cleanliness or ability to keep clean when high-temp grilling with marinades, etc. But I’m always excited to get this fired up

YAK Skewer Set
Elma Chang
Individually Wrapped in Plastics

I didn't like how they come individually wrapped in plastics. That was a big turn off because it's just so harmful to earth.
In terms of quality, it's only mediocre. The cut at the spear is not always consistent which leaves some of the skewers with imperfect angles. I won't purchase again.

Thank you for taking time to review our products Elma. We're working to eliminate plastic from our packaging wherever possible, and this is certainly one item that needs to be addressed. As for the inconsistent skewers, please reach out to us at hello@yakgrills.com and we would be happy to send you a replacement set.

Almost Didn't Want To Use It

The grill is designed so nicely that I didn't want to dirty it. It's made of solid material and the craftsmanship is superb. Certainly will last many many years, if not decades. After our first use, it's fairly easy to clean. The inner edges were a little more tricky to scrub. This piece is definitely fun to use and keeps people at the table.

It Burns

These charcoals burn for a LONG time. Even after our little jamboree, they were still going and it had already been 4 hours! A little bit more expensive than traditional charcoals but I think it's worth it.

Mesh is expensive and worn out in couple uses. But does the job.

Hi Nikki, sorry to hear that. Email us at hello@yakgrills.com so we can help you out.

Great little habachi grill

Cooked up some beef with scallion skewers this past Labor day. The grill is great, gets nice and hot and cooks really quickly. Highly recommend the customer service, as they helped me swap my grill for a different color.

YAK Hibachi Charcoal Grill
Patrick McDevitt
Great portable grill

Nice to use on a table top!

Great Grill

The Yak grill is a perfect little grill. It is well made, easy to use and to care for. We have enjoyed it so much with our neighbors as we weather through COVID. The small table size allowed us to bring the grill to the driveway to grill up our food as we enjoy each other's company outside. We especially like using the skewers! Everyone got to make their own customer skewers with the items that they like and cook the proteins to the doneness level that they like. Without this little grill, someone would have to drag their large grill from their backyard to the driveway which in many cases, it would be impossible! When we are done with using the grill, we just put all the pieces into the dishwasher.

YAK Yakitori Grill Rods
Devin Campbell
These are heavy duty as can be.

They’re super solid, and do their job. Well worth the money.

YAK Hibachi Charcoal Grill

Great grill!

I’ve bought 3 now. They are great gifts.


The charcoal was amazing made the food taste great without the worry of ash all over it! It burned for almost 3 hours and I couldn't be more happy with the purchase! Thank you!! I will purchase it again!

YAK Hibachi Charcoal Grill
Precious Dalisay
Love love love it

Great grill! Very sturdy and good material... My family and I love making memories, enjoying cooking on the go makes it easy

YAK Hibachi Charcoal Grill
Elizabeth Sowders

YAK Hibachi Charcoal Grill

YAK Hibachi Charcoal Grill