• The Modern Hibachi Grill

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A grill as social as you.


100% Stainless. Table Safe.


The Ultimate Charcoal Hibachi Grill

We set out to redesign the tabletop hibachi and create the world's most social grill.

• Crafted from 100% Stainless Steel
• Grill up to 750ºF (400ºC)
• Pre-Built Skewer Notches
• Smart Airflow for a Cool Table
• Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe
• Portable Modern Design

{ SHIPPING: 11/2020 }

This modern grill is spot on.

Sunset Magazine

A Slick Little Grill

Pok Pok PDX

Perfect for meat skewers.

Chef John | Food Wishes

This grill will last generations


Founder's Message

I've always held a passion for cooking and grilling, however, I was frustrated being "banished" to grill alone while entertaining.

While visiting Japan a few years ago, I discovered yakitori (grilled chicken) skewers - where the grilling is an immersive dining experience. This led to a year-long journey to create YAK Grills™ and inspire cooking togetherness.

By launching on Indiegogo and with your support, we'll end grilling loneliness and turn gatherings into memorable cooking experiences. 

Grill, socialize, and YAK on!

David Sypniewski
Founder & Chief Griller