The Charcoal YAK Grill and Accessories will make your next get together something special.



Starter Bundle

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- Grill, Grate & Handle- Silicone Handles- Silicon...


Prime Bundle

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- Grill, Grate & Handle- 2pc Tong Set- Mesh Grill ...


Deluxe Bundle

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- Grill, Grate & Handle- 2x 2pc Tong Set- Mesh Gri...


Firestack Duo


The Firestack Duo™ is a first-of-its-kind charcoal chimne...

YAK Silicone Trivet/Mat


Keep your outdoor grilling surface spotless with our dura...

YAK Silicone Grill Handles


These genuine YAK insulating silicone handles slide onto ...

YAK Grills Mesh Grill Grate for hibachi yakitori Korean BBQ KBBQ

YAK Mesh Grill Grate


Our take on a Japanese-style mesh grate that's perfect fo...

YAK Grills Yakitori Rods Bars 20" Stainless Steel

YAK Yakitori Grill Rods


Grill yakitori like a pro using any skewer length you cho...

YAK Carry Case-case-YAK Grills™

YAK Carry Case


Take your YAK anywhere. This tough zippered polyester car...

YAK Wide XL Skewer Set


Our 18" long skewers feature an extra-wide 3/4" wide flat...

YAK Charcoal Riser


This insert lifts your charcoal grid by 1-3/8" to bring h...

YAK Flat Grill Grate-grill grate-YAK Grills™

YAK Flat Grill Grate


Laser crafted from a single sheet of steel and designed t...

YAK Skewer Set-skewers-YAK Grills™

YAK Skewer Set


This genuine YAK skewer set features a flat blade design ...

YAK Tong Set-accessory-YAK Grills™

YAK Tong Set


These genuine YAK tongs are designed to complement your Y...

YAK OG Grate-grill grate-YAK Grills™

YAK OG Grill Grate


There are plenty of YAK grates, but this is the OG. Our a...

YAK Grill Handle-accessory-YAK Grills™

YAK Grill Handle


The same lightweight handle that's included in every YAK ...

YAK Charcoal Grid (OEM)


Replacement charcoal grid for your YAK grill. Grill sold ...


Thaan Charcoal 5lb fruitwood binchotan-style premium charcoal logs

Thaan Charcoal (5 lbs)


Thaan Charcoal is premium restaurant-grade charcoal made ...

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Thaan Large Lump Charcoal (20 lbs)

Regular price $49.99 Sale price $39.99

This premium, all natural hardwood charcoal burns hot an...

Jealous Devil Chunx Lump (10 lbs)


Jealous Devil's flagship charcoal in a new medium-sized l...

Jealous Devil Max Briquettes (10 lbs)


Jealous Devil natural hardwood charcoal burns hotter so y...

Jealous Devil Boom! Firestarters


Jealous Devil BOOM! Firestarters patent-pending shape an...



Black Pepper Salt 4.23oz Jar

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Kosher salt infused with freshly ground Tellicherry pep...


Garlic Salt 3.38oz Jar

Regular price $11.99 Sale price $9.99

Kosher salt infused with ground & granulated garlic f...