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Our name is derived from ‘yakitori’ — Japanese for "grilled chicken". It’s no coincidence that we also share our name with the social bovid native to the Himalayas — the sturdy yak. YAK Grills® is an ode to both delicious yakitori prepared over charcoal and the strong, sure-footed pack animal.


We believe a product should look great, be easy to use, and last for years with minimal maintenance.

We searched high and low for a tabletop charcoal grill that met our standards and kept tables cool and safe. Eventually, we had to build one ourselves.

YAK combines the best elements of traditional hibachi, ceramic konro grills, and stainless cookware to create a virtually indestructible and versatile grill.

You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.

William S. Burroughs


During a visit to Japan a few years ago, I discovered the social aspect of yakitori, where the party gathers around the grill. Back at home, when I was both host and grill master, I found myself cooking alone and removed from the action. It didn’t have to be that way.

The idea for YAK Grills was born. After a year-long journey, and a successful Indiegogo campaign, YAK launched in late 2020.

I'm thrilled and humbled by the response we've received — people are just as excited as I am about all of us grilling together, more often.

David Sypniewski
Founder & President



Perfect Pairings.