Thaan Charcoal (5lbs)-charcoal-YAK Grills™
Thaan Charcoal (5lbs)-charcoal-YAK Grills™
Thaan Charcoal (5lbs)-charcoal-YAK Grills™

Thaan Charcoal

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Thaan Charcoal is made from sustainable orchard grown rambutan fruit wood that won’t distract from the flavor of your food. All natural and longer burning at higher temps with less mess. Consistent, hot and even heat, these coals are particularly good where binchotan charcoal is traditionally used.
  • Rambutan fruit wood logs
  • All natural, tapioca starch binder, no accelerants
  • Logs can be reused one time if put out/dried
  • Weight: 5lbs / 2.26Kg
  • Made in Thailand by Pok Pok

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    start early

    So I finally put together my Yak grill and did a bunch of Yakatori chicken skewers and they were terrific. My lessons learned, start the charcoal REALLY early, like two hours before you start cooking early. The Thaan charcoal does burn super hot and for along time, but takes quite a while to get to a nice, gray coal consistency. Also, unless you're really cooking a LOT of food, probably 4 chunks of charcoal will be enough. Gives you one really hot half of the grill and a cooler half if things flare up. When it gets a lot warmer in the spring, I'm going to fire this thing up around 1pm and by 3, start cooking. and will be enjoying it over a couple of hours. Also - get some marshmallows...

    Hot, hot , hot

    Once heated, stayed wonderfully hot, without smoking.

    Burns hot

    Plan on an hour to start the charcoal. Saw video on YouTube so I was able to plan ahead for the first time I used them. YouTube video shows him double stacking which brings the heat closer to the meat. Fanning also gets the temperature higher.

    Solid Grill

    My Grill arrived in Late December and due to cold snap here in the Northeast, I haven't had a chance to put the grill to use yet. But I can say that I was impressed with the heft and build quality. I expect this grill will perform and last.

    Long Burning Charcoal

    Only used the charcoal once so far, but definitely a new experience vs regular charcoal. Lighting them took longer than expected, but they burned for a long time. Still have some ash but not too bad. Was able to cook all the food and should be able to reuse the charcoal even from what I read.